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Traitors of our own hearts. [Roses & Swords; Eve]


The word entered the conversation so softly it might not have been heard above the wind, yet it was firm and dedicated with compassionate understanding. The haunting shadows of her stormy blue eyes purposely skipped in the direction that his own had taken, towards the small child contenting herself with the nearby swings, a young innocent mess of tangled black curls and lightly dusted clothing. And then she was looking back at him, with strands of copper and sable pitching around her long, dark lashes. It was a piercing gaze, lacking none of its former intensity. Her companion Kale often joked about that look of hers. Said it was like watching a shark, or a leopard - you never knew when it was dangerous and when it was just beautiful, but either way you couldn't tear your eyes away, you always need one more minute to fall into the dark, fathomless depths.

"I saw something in her." Eve muttered as she glanced away briskly. "So intelligent, beautiful, and teeming with life. Maybe I never had the ability to notice that before, such a loving, innocent kid, but I realized that the longer I stared at her while she slept, the more I saw myself. Years ago before hatred consumed me and cruelty visited me. No one particularly special except to those who knew her, I suppose, and I saw some part of me in her. When I took her away from you back then I had every intention on killing her. At least in the beginning." At this she mused quietly to herself, the shimmer in her eyes warm with the rememberance of their unexpected night together. "She was the first person to make me smile in over six years." The woman cleared a skip of silence so that she might regain herself again. "I couldn't let it happen to her. I know she wasn't mine to take, but damnit she wasn't yours to kill. No matter what drastic changes you've may have made to yourself, Faust, it was because of people like you that people like me were created. The hatred, the madness, the brutality. And some piece of me refused to watch that kid suffer for her innocence - even if it meant walking into my own death and burning everything to the foundations."

A candy wrapper tumbled between them on the path, turning end over end until it lodged itself in a pillow of dead, dried leaves at the base of the swings. The late afternoon was slowly creeping into an unsuspecting, glorious evening; the luminous clouds hovered above the horizon, shot through with gold and crimson, and the children were all walking hand in hand with their parents towards safe, warm houses and hot chocolate. Everything she'd spoken carried her experience with it - the fact that a notoriously reknowned mercenary assassin had given up her life for someone else was enough of a shocker - hearing the reasoning behind it, that it was stunningly human, was enough to make people stare. Then again, these people did not know her as a rippling shadow in the night, as the woman that stole their lovers, friends, and families away from them. She was none other than the nationally acclaimed Evelyn "Eve" del Fuoco, or at least that's what her brand new birth cerificate said, although most people refused to call her that (including Keiko unfortunately) and she was the one individual who was singlehandedly saving the entire three sectors from decaying from the inside out. The famous politician and loving mother.

And here she was standing with the man whose child she stole in the middle of the night.

A sigh passed through her body, and she rested her languid frame against a tall black light post. "I'm not sure what you were expecting, but your daughter misses you. Every birthday that goes by she doesn't think of the fact you wanted to kill her, she thinks of the fact that you gave her life -- and that now you're not a part of it anymore. Keik is growing up into a beautiful woman, Faust. That's something not all the madness and death in the world could ever give you back." At this she cleared her throat to signify that she was finished talking of such matters. The expression etched upon saccharinely perfect white marble features had closed down, like a door slamming shut and bolting tight. It was not volitile, or angry, just reserved. It seemed that time hadn't touched her tragically pretty face yet, but neither did it wipe her hands clean. No amount of lives spared would ever do that.

"Now it's my turn. Why, exactly, are you here?"

Now there are many sub-contextual questions that swim below the surface of an inquiry of that magnitude - those words said 'Don't bullshit me', 'I know better' and last, but not least, 'you'd better tell the truth'. Patience was one of the multiple characteristics that became bestowed upon her during the incident with Keiko and Keishen, but there was still the lingering bittersweet deathseeker flavor that colored all her actions, regardless. No matter what happened here she had to remember that she had other people to take care of now : she couldn't just be brash, impulsive and self centered, even if she really wanted to. Facts slapped her every turn of her thoughts, and her newfound conscience argued with instinct.

'I missed him..'

'He nearly KILLED his own child. He wanted to kill YOU. He smells of death. You have to see it.'

'I do, too.'

'That's different.'

'But .. he feels the same. Maybe I still--'


Finally she centered her eyes back on his face, again, realizing they'd slipped to the nearest tree line. So many factors. Death followed him, as death became him. How long would it be before Keishen showed up? Politician or not Eve would put that woman in the ground in several hundred pieces after what happened between them last; it was such a potent cocktail of quiet fear and bright flashing hostile anger that one found it hard to overpower the other. It was all a matter of karma, life for a life. Then again this was more of one than her last, which she'd found through falling to the woman. It was a confusing matter. As for Sieryu, he'd already taken Keiko on a tear around the countryside and brought her home drunk. Christ. Eve would consider herself to be lucky if she could get away from the entire escapade with her wits still about her and her home and daughter in one piece.

"If it matters.. I'm glad to see you well again."

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