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Here to Stay [Roases & Swords: Faust]

This time, taking it away
I've got a problem, with me getting in the way,
Not by design
So I take my face and bash it into a mirror.
I won't have to see the pain (Pain, Pain)

“I didn’t do it on purpose? You couldn’t say something better?”

The walk from Great Stone Park was long, and thank God for mind tricks or Faust would never have kept his sanity. After Eve’s sudden departure the Hunter had decided not to pursue her. It was obvious even to Eve’ Hana that the Deathseeker was distraught though her speculative mood did not last long. The child was tired from her adventures that day and fell into a dreamless slumber, nestled in his strong arms.. It was best to retire her for the night and then put his thoughts to rest despite the grating urge to mull over them more.

This state is elevating, as the hurt turns into hating.
Anticipating, all the fucked up feelings again.

“That’s just it. I didn’t know what to think. She seemed so shocked at first but you know Eve. Never one to truly display her inner turmoil, but she walked away with one thing left to say. ‘You have no idea what you’ve done.’ I didn’t do it on purpose, but once more I am to blame and that I won’t deny it. I took her hair with me to decontamination and let those quacks have the one thing that they’ve always wanted.”

Sieryu nearly fell from his chair, having let himself recline too far, extending his weight over his center of gravity. As he righted himself, the twin gazed hard at Faust, sensing there was more to the tale than his brother let on. So complicated things had become that even he could see no easy exit from the chaos. Maybe it did not exist or perhaps it was simply too buried beneath the overwhelming growth of pain and suffering. Lost in the vortex of madness only fools would brave to seek. His brother was one such fool. This he’d proven many times before and knew he’d exploit such a characteristic in time to come.

“Eve. Maybe that’s the problem. You both seemed fine until you met with her again.” The silver-haired twin stated, sipping smugly at his coffee. He did not hear the shuffle of feet coming only a few feet from the living room entrance.

Faust only response was a grunt. He fell back into the comfortably cushioned couch.

“Let me guess, it was something you had to do? Why not admit it, dude. Keiko is in her own world now, safe from harm and wrongdoers. She has Eve to protect her and that Kale guy. I think it’s her boyfriend or something.”

“My daughter has a boyfriend?” Faust exclaimed, bolting upright, nearly spilling his tea.
“Keiko’s growing into a beautiful woman…”

My mind is done with this
Okay, I've got a question.
"Can I throw it all away?"
Take back what's mine
So I take my time, guiding the blade down the line
Each cut closer to the vein (Vein, Vein)

Was it that time already? Surely he hadn’t missed that much of her transition into early womanhood, or had he been that ignorant to what devices time could construct to play against him. Something in his gut clenched tightly and Faust found himself grinding his teeth, barely aware that Sieryu was laughing in the backdrop. Thank God for long hair, he thought to himself, but this was anything from relaxing.

“No, dude. Kale is Eve’s new companion. Probably something more.” For just a moment Sieryu allowed himself to smile, genuine and mischievous. “I met him briefly when I brought Keiko back home. I don’t think he was too happy about her being drunk but he was more grateful she had come back. I like his accent too. Dude must get a lot of poon.”

“Oh.” A sigh of relief rippled throughout his body, yet still this news brought little comfort to Faust who slumped back awkwardly into the chair. “I guess that’s better.”

No it wasn’t.

Faust felt irritation slowly welling up within his belly. The thought of another man playing the role of father for his child was something he found disturbing. Knowing he shouldn’t be angry at Eve didn’t change his opinion about her, and haste to blame the first person who repeatedly popped into him mind only made the man more aware of who was truly at fault. There was nothing more he wished to do but raise from his couch and take off into the night, oblivious to the fact that he may die and race to Keiko’s side. The reality of it all was that he, Kale, would be there playing guardian, lover, or protector from possible threat to the sanctity of their abode, making him the villain once more. Was there no way to break that exasperating cycle of events? No matter what he did he appeared destined to portray the bad guy, noble intentions be damned. Blood had been spilled on his hands and every night he revisited those people, where their bloodied faces remained etched into his memory forever. Sin most foul laid the unwanted stench of death of death upon him and he carried it wherever Fate took him.

Fate seemed intent on choosing his path for him, never leaving room to mend what could possibly make a difference in his bleak future. Alas, he was dumbstruck once more.


“Not in the slightest.” He lied. Envy settled heavily on his conscious. Allowing images of Eve to fill his mind Faust rested his head against the armrest, admiring the silken fabric cooling his skin. Just like the long flowing ringlets grazing her unmarred, pale skin…

The hurt inside is fading, this shit’s gone way too far
All this time I’ve been waiting, oh I cannot grieve anymore
Ffor what’s inside awaking, I’m done, I’m not a whore
You’ve taken everything and oh I cannot give anymore

Sieryu cocked any eyebrow and shook his head slightly then returned his attention to the dismembered handgun before him. “You crazy bastard…I don’t know how you could let one woman do this to you when there are plenty of them falling over you everyday.”

“You obviously haven’t been in love.” Faust sighed.

From the darkened corner where no light could penetrate the shade of black, Keishen choked on her drink and frowned deeply. “Oh please…”
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