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I'm not anyone's hero, not the way I used to be. [Roses & Swords; Eve]

One look; a thousand words.

So complicated, so dangerous, so forbidden.

Inside of Eve lived a beautiful, horrible secret - it laid quiet and patient most of the time, content to be a curled up ball in the darkest, headiest corners of her heart, hidden warmly beneath layers and layers of fabricated facades and lies. It remained a prisoner where she'd forced it to for the past few years. It slept in a bed of memories, wrapped tight with a blanket of passion. And now it was staring back at her with eyes that had haunted her dreams enough times that she'd learned to draw them to perfection, eyes which could have belonged to the Archangel Gabriel at his most glorious - brilliant scarlet infernos that cast neither heat nor cold, judgement nor acceptance - eyes like shimmering shards of shattered rubies pieced together in all the worst and best places. It was hard to be clear beneath that gaze. It burned wherever it touched. From anywhere in the room she would have felt the temperature change when he first awoke, penetrating everything within proximity with the living flames he personified. Seconds were falling away to minutes as he waited for her to speak. The glacial evidence of her earlier tears were melting on the moonlit crest of her cheek, trickling to the corner of her lips like salty rain.

Did she have an answer? So hard to remember. It hurt to remember.

Just this one moment.

Draw shut the curtains, lock the door, leave the world outside.

"For all the moments lost in a war of indifference." Eve murmured, fingering an errant strand of his lustrious blue hair.

For all the time I spent locked up in my study schooling myself to sever any thoughts of you, Faust Kusanagi.. for all the nights I bolted straight up in my bed with fresh memories of your eyes burning too deep into my soul, too deep where no one else could heal it for me but you. For everything we missed because we were two fucked up kids without futures, too paranoid and misunderstood to know a connection for what it was. For all the pain she caused and felt, for all the wrong decisions, for all the fear replaced by confident success. For it all.

That look on his face, perplexed, thoughtful, musing it over. What did he see when he delved just a little too deep into those bewitching eyes, stood just a little too close that his heat coiled up and reflected back upon him again? It was like trying to see through an obscured keyhole to a very important room - catching brief snippets of images that rolled around like lazy wildcats and emotions that richochetted off the walls, there's something important, you just can't wade through all the heat and memories and offers to interpret it for what it was. Above all were two very clear pools of smouldering pale blue, inviting azure oceans, and they were beckoning him in. When had her hand enveloped his own? Soft, firm fingertips tangled above his. They were too small, too decidedly elegant for a murderer's hands. Eve was close enough that his chest brushed against hers, and in that faltering skip between breaths she went against everything her mind said, siding with her heart, and kissed him with a hunter's primality that reached out to his own.

"Forget the rest of the world," the deathseeker whispered against his lips, so close he could taste the words. "we'll make our own tonight."

And everything became a little more blurry, but it didn't matter. There was the darkness and there was him, and Eve found that he was kissing back regardless of confusion or surprise. Tactile hands spread across the expanse of his chest, nails skimming chilly flesh, and lips taking the passion from one another denied for far too long. And the snow continued outside the little window to cover the city in a violent, downstreaming blanket of white everywhere, and the wind did not cease its assault upon the building.. but somewhere inbetween this noise, somewhere between the hitches in heartbeats, were the subtle sounds of a bed giving way under someone's weight and of clothes hitting the floor.

If the world was going to come down in pieces on her head, so be it. It had to end sometime.
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