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Sparkling glasses and midnight threats. [Roses & Swords]

"You never know when to quit."

It was not considered an admirable quality in her opinion, and the words were seething with venom. It wasn't enough that this mess of living tissue, bones and madness had repeatedly raped her own son, but together the entire trio had conspired to terminate the little girl that came from the pairing. The arrogance and presumption disgusted her -- to waltz into her son's room and chastize and demand anything from her was downright outlandish - for one thing she had no right to be there, another thing no one actually wanted her anywhere around, either. With good cause. If it was something Eve loathed more in all the world it was a murdering sociopath causing their own destruction and then playing the part of the victim. It pissed her off to no end and filled her normally cool demeanor with a fiery demand of temper. The tailored, uneasy patience Eve guarded while listening to the woman's demands had long since diminished - decorum and demurity laid in discarded twin piles at her feet - and the Deathseeker bristled with voracious anger. Aegean depths smouldered with the hellish undercurrent of violence and something about her transformed right in front of Keishen's face, explaining without words precisely why it was that she should have learned when to quit. Even though they stood little more than a foot apart from one another, Eve's power filled all the spaces inbetween.

"Listen now to what I'm about to say, and listen well, woman," Eve demanded sharply. "I never did steal anyone from you - it was you who drove her away, attempted to gutter her life, -all- of you! As was honorable I left Keiko with a choice and if you must burn for a hundred years over the fact that she left that place with me, of her own accord, then so be it. I could not possibly care less, believe me. As a mother it is your right to leave her the hell alone and let her be happy - as a mother it was your right to protect, not destroy, the lives of all your children. You have no ground to speak of motherly rights now. But if you think you are going to just randomly richochet through my life like the chaotic punishment sent from hell that you are, threaten everything that I love, and push your bullshit dominance and so called strength around in my face to intimidate me, you can back the fuck off."

The two of them stood face-to-face as the glorious anger rose about the Deathseeker like a palpable force - it colored the air that simmered around her and made her bronzed flesh glow with the impression of all that laid within. Both ties had awoken once more for the first time in years and the sight of it was magnificent. The essence of both darkness and light churned within her, pounded out around her, made the room hot with power. Eve was visibly alight with it, this inborn force of healing and destruction, but nowhere did it touch so deeply as it did her eyes. Regardless of the fact that this woman's hands had finally given Eve her only wish, had left her to drop to the ground dead, she would bear the nightmares no more. There were larger things at hand now that terrified even her, with all her inherent strength, and she had no time to waste on age old conflicts with Keishen - the fact of the matter was, it was a problem of proving herself as it appeared to Eve. Not only had she lost her daughter, an illegitimate lovechild with her own son, but she'd lost everything else.

"I'm not that slip of a girl you brought down to her knees all that time ago, Keishen." It was a whisper now, though the words were metallic and echoed like the golden-white light around her, elluding more hatred than she could smuggle down. "Do you still frighten me? Sometimes. Do you still haunt my dreams and leave me awake at night? Sometimes. Is that what you wanted to hear? You have no presidence in my life, rogue killer, and I swear by the Gods that if you come near Keiko, so much as touch a hair on her head, I will not think twice about paying you back for our last encounter. You scare me, rightly so, but that won't stop me from killing you if you try to take Keiko from her home."

It was a warning laid in the age old stone of promise - it was difficult not to find herself so provoked by the woman's timeless arrogance - and she slipped her pants on faster than most trained eyes could follow. Eve dabbed a light kiss to Faust's shoulder before walking, or moreso storming, to the door which Keishen obviously used to gain entrance. As she was leaving she sent a telepathic thought loud and harsh enough to cause even the tempered, masochistic mistress of pain discomfort. Look at your son and think for awhile, Keishen. You've screwed up all their lives too long. And then the door clicked into place as she closed it promptly behind her, biting back the need to slam it repeatedly. Eve hardly even noticed the wordlessly stunned expression on Sieryu's face as she made her way down the stairs and out the front door of the house, leaving her behind.
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