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Roses & Swords [Faust] *shortened for interaction*

And I thought I knew how to spoil myself.

Faust reclined comfortably in one of the many expensive chairs in his daughter’s bedroom, both amazed and unnerved by the comfort he experienced. He would get used to it; Keiko would not be home for another hour and Eve was busy preparing for what seemed to be an unstoppable war. All in all he managed to evade the tight security, but with more ease than the man expected. It made little sense for the most vicious and organized of assassin guilds to be so lightly guarded, though he suspected the crafty Deathseeker might have something to do with it. Still there remained that one factor with which he’d come to hate over the past week, and that was the woman’s reclusiveness. Faust had not seen Eve in nearly a week since their night spent together.

A quick assessment of the room and Faust felt nostalgic, as if his own homestead were calling out to him. The room appeared much the same Sieryu’s did, though a great deal tidier. Lavish furniture such as the black leather chair he now occupied furnished the vast space; a matching leather couch sat opposite him. A high, curtained bed took up much the space opposite the entrance, silken bed curtains and bright colored sheets contrasted well with the dark wood polished to perfection. More noticeable were the many posters of underground bands adorning the walls and the Marshall full stack cabs beside him. Several guitars, one dismantled sat upright on their respective stands.

She was a music buff then, or just an avid admirer?

Whatever the girl’s passion Faust marveled at the similarities they shared. It should not have come as a surprise though it was hard to deny such a miracle when he only had to remind himself who the girl’s mother was. Keiko also carried some of Keishen’s more malignant qualities. During her childhood, that which Faust was present for, she was prone to disobey him and also carried the same mannerisms as a clever predator. Clever was putting it nicely. She was adept at dissecting a person and exploiting their weaknesses. More so like his mother Keiko was also fond of instigating conflict. Hopefully Eve had stifled these annoying qualities, as he was not able to. Faust merely learned to tolerate them.

Keishen. The name invoked anger as well as an ever-deepening hatred. It was best that he not dwell on such thoughts, but no one could forget a childhood of agony as that woman put him through. He could empathize with his mother though, a spectacle that both amazed and baffled the man. She was abused as well, betrayed by the only people whom she believed she could trust. Visions would seep into his conscious sporadically, his mother’s visions stirred from the recesses of her memory for nearly three decades. Nightmares the woman had laid to rest haunted her sleep, in turn disturbing his own. It all came down to the theory of abusive patterns, the abused in turn becoming the abuser. And yet he would not allow himself to harm his flesh and blood, incest breed or not.

“It was my only choice.” He whispered to the empty space, unaware to the fact that he was being watched. “I had to stop cycle somewhere. How better than her death?”

Truth or fiction?

Eventually she would have to be told, because Keishen was coming for her whether Eve was prepared or not, and the last place Keiko needed to be was at the side of her birthmother.

You’re going to think yourself into another migraine, he thought. He was going to meet her after too long an absence. Six years was a long time not to see you child
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