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Three dead girls. Blood smeared hands. A solitare figure stands alone, small gloved hands curled tightly into fists.

Small lips curled down at the corners, soft straight strands of oceanic blue fell over the astonising azure gaze of Keishen Kusanagi as she kept an even pace with the last of the group. Normally the expression of this one would be more than enough to sate her appetite for destruction but today was an exception. Too much occupied her mind to let her priorities be undone. Eve's guild had caused too much trouble for her starting with the relocation of her daughter, Keiko who she desperately wanted back. Having exhausted other resources and men trying to locate the Deathseeker's base of operations she resorted to hunting down leads.

What better place to start than with Keiko's classmates. These brats should have provided her with the necessary information but kept a tight lid on it, either unwilling to betray their friend or too ignorant to know what else occured beneath the mask Eve erected. In a bout of fury the assassin tore the four apart all while the few from the guild who'd followed her watched the gruesome spectacle. Anyone who so much as showed signs of suspition were dealt with properly.

Keishen reached out, her small, delicate digits snaring the girl's long blonde hair. The smell of fear, overwhelming in its potency settled like a swollen cloud over the two. With the other hand she took the her by the throat, constricting her airway. The girl instantly reacted, kicking out as Keishen plucked her easily from her feet.

"I was wrong, it seems. You don't know anything It's a good thing in a way..." Her tone was indifferent, a far cry from the turbulence she contained within.

Large blue tear-filled eyes widened in terror.


It would be difficult to ease Keiko out of her fit once word reached the public about her friends' death, but that would not stop her from taking back her flesh and blood. Faust and Eve would prove to be worthy opponents, coming together for a similar cause. Just like she wanted them to. All the pieces were falling into place as the battlefield was set. With but one move she would initiate this war and emerge the victor...or cast them all into oblivion.

Without warning Keishen dropped the frightened child, watching in disgust as she scrambled hurredly from the other woman only to run into another. She turned away as she spoke. "Eve' Hana. Kill her."

"Huh? NOO-"

The rind of steel filled the silent air followed by a scream abruptly cut off. There was a muffled thud as both body and head bounced seperately off the ground.

The group followed their leader, now overcome by unrestrained laughter leaving four dead girls, a blood strained sword, and a solitary figure sheathing its weapon.


Author's Note: This is a bit sloppy, but since FFGON is down I decided what the hell. I'm sick of letting these good RP's go to waste.
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