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Roads never taken : Embrace the future.
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If you haven't been able to tell by this point, you've stumbled upon a roleplaying community. Unlike most of my other fantasy flavored free form places, this is an

outlet for those who have an innate fondness for both the dark future and exploiting what it can do to the rest of humanity. As long as you don't do a carbon

copy of your character from somewhere else, you're in the club, feel free to join in unless otherwise instructed - some storylines will be closed, but do not let

this deter you from involving yourself with another person's. All I ask is that you have respect, not only for yourself but for those people around you. This is the

imagination and blood of authors, here. It's the stuff dreams, nightmares and fevers have born. It's text to some but to others it is children, small scrawls of line

that have given birth to an idea. And no one likes having their babies stolen. Keep that in mind and you'll always be welcome in this place. Treat others as you

yourself would deem to be treated.

It's fairly unusual but I'm lenient in this community. I don't have a specific social structure for those who join to conform to - this is all about creating a world for

yourselves. You all might find that you're on the same planet at the same time, where two people run into each other coincedentally, and if that's so, that's just

great. If you want to create an entire solar system with it's own constellations and mainframes, excellent. There's little or no constraints in this world. Create,

relish, enjoy. Attempt to interact with the other participants; these people will be some of the best constructive critics you may ever find in the real world. You

all would be smart to pay attention to that.

I'm currently setting up a home site for the character database for this roleplaying community, so if you would like your character to be documented please send this form :

Given name - [Birth name]
Alias - [What everyone else may call you]
Age - [eh]
Height - [eh]
Weight - [eh]
Home planet/star system - [what place you belong to, if any]
Intelligence Quotient - [your IQ - is it high, low, average?]

Profile -



1. Be respectful to your fellow patrons. They have as much a right to deny you as you do to ask to join them. No flaming will be tolerated.

2. Be original. Do not steal peoples' original characters/designs/ideas. It's just wrong. Sit down for awhile and come up with something of your own, and by doing that not only will you find it easier to play the character, you'll be proud once you've watched it grow. It's much more satisfactory that way and you've got the added benefit of no one wanting to lynch you.

3. Attempt to remain somewhat consistant. Don't begin by explaining that your character is a feline woman for the interstellar luned system and then three posts later switch it to her being a six year old child lost in a building on Earth. Unless of course said character is insane, then fill your boots. Just try to keep everything in context, if at all possible.

4. At least take a stab at joining in, or creating your own story for others to join you. Don't just sit there and ghost the forums all the time -- it's no fun that way! And if you're going to take a leave of absence, it's only fair to alert the other players of it as well so they can work out a continuance/leap/pause in the story they share with you.

That all being said, I myself am at odds to add that I will have a predone character in use for quite a lot of my writing, though he will not by any means be the only one. It is part of a project/storyline that I'm hosting here because it seemed to fit at the time, but if you want to join in, feel free to get ahold of myself or one of my co-partners about it. Other than that, I'm looking forward to doing some serious roleplaying with all of you!

Welcome to the future!