xsnowxgardenx (xsnowxgardenx) wrote in roadsnevertaken,

Ticking timebomb at your side. [Roses & Swords; Eve]

The blood drained from her face, and a glacial flood of icewater replaced it. Eve couldn't talk. The faltering half-step she took backwards nearly brought her to tumble, but her deathseeker reflexes would not even allow her that small bit of shock, that sufferance of outward denial. The look contained in the raging darkness of her eyes was irrepressable - much like a lethal concoction of horror, fury and fear - and the woman found herself staring without excuse at every small detail of the child's features, every nick and every scratch, every coiled ringlet. Justlikeyoujustlikeyoujustlikeyou.. And here Faust was, taking a pace back from the child like he didn't know what to expect; violent or discontent.

Nausea overwhelmed her and she pressed her back against the lamp post again, waiting for the sandy ground beneath her to stop twirling, her hands finding the cool, steel post behind her to steady her. From the outside it appeared as though she simply was having a dizzy spell. The cascade of model perfect curls fell into a curtain formation around the too-pale white crests of Eve's cheeks, hiding most of her face from view. The idea of looking at either one of them right now only nailed the last bit into her coffin. God, it was too real. How could this be real? But they had remade Faust again from tiny little cells, they could obvious create that which had life before, another walking, talking miniature Eve.


As soon as she was partially grounded, she found the effort of using her voice to be somewhat precarious, as though without proper restraint the wrong thing would slip out unheeded. Eve sighed. "You've created a weapon, all right.." The words lacked any semblence of feeling, matched only by the clench of her stomach muscles and the sudden ache in her chest. The child was preciously beautiful right down to her small adorned feet, there was no denying that even if she wanted to be volitile, but the entire scene was just too frightening for once. Staring down at what she could have had if she hadn't been what she was. Right there, at her fingertips. When she let go of the stalk of metal she realized she'd left the imprint of both her hands on it, and that they were clammy and touched with the same cold feeling the rest of her was. She had the impression it wouldn't go away ever again.

"You have no idea what you've done," Eve whispered as she turned away from both of them. Jesus, were those tears in her eyes? Perhaps a subtle illusion of the sudden illumination of the streetlights as they glowed to life in her wake, flickering on one at a time as she passed them. Holding both of her armed over her chest she stared down at the ground as her feet automatically navigated her to the streets, mindless of the fact she had a motorcycle to carry her home. Just walking blindly onwards as though it were the most normal thing in the world, shaken and pale, her insides steadily knotting themselves at a rate that crippled her stomach and made her want to fall to her knees and retch.

The streets were full of shadows, yet unlit by the guiding lights that'd warmed the park paths, and Eve was wandering blankly wherever she wanted. Without warning headlights washed up the length of her body, and she stood tranfixed by them in the middle of the road, as though she couldn't comprehend why they were there. A hand clamped down on her right bicep, hauling her brisky and with certain measured force out of the path of the vehicle. On the small, narrow strip of concrete sidewalk she came spinning face-to-face with the simmering sienna gaze that had watched her leaving. Kale was furious, apparently, until he realized she wasn't in the proper state to be yelled at quite yet. Upon closer inspection she wasn't injured, her clothes were in place, not a hair disturbed. Eve just stood there, looking past him, concentrating on something that he could neither see himself or even speculate.

"Eve. Eve?" The man traced a hand back and forth in the air in front of her eyes. "Lis'en love you're in shock. I'm j'ess gonna take you home now. You're freezing cold and Kamikaze's been waiting for you."

At the mention of home the deathseeker collapsed into Kale's arms. Home. Safe, warm, padlocked home.

The world would weep.
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