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Now the Princess Must Save Herself {Ying Post}

There was a feeling of unnerving anger within Ying as Riddick had treated her like a weakened child. It had not been the first, and throughout her life she knew it would not be the last. She was at an adult height, but still seemed fragile, breakable, like a porcine china doll. Her attitude always portrayed that of a child, maybe for the reason she was treated like one. Never was she ever trusted with things outside a space ship or outside a home. Weapons were too dangerous, and cooking was sometimes a no no for her as well, a passion of her own life. Such an extending knowledge was set before her, and so many different cheats into the life that different beings like that of humans had created. Yet, she was still treated like the china doll.

It had always been the same. Assumptions after assumptions. That innocent Ying could never possibly take care of herself without fucking up. Even from her own sister, the more troublesome one of the twins, mocked her, and still does.

‘If it wasn’t for me you’d be dead you know that!? You can barley take care of yourself and you’re always needing help like some fucking princess off of an old Mario Brothers Video game!’

Yang, was not the first, and never expected to be the last in a long line of assuming beings. Placing themselves as a protector to Ying, when she was capable of doing it on her own. Like a never ending line of protectors to only mock her when she tried to show rebellion.

But Riddick, probably the most antisocial, anti-living person Ying has come to know (other than her sisters employer), seemed to be giving her a chance. He caught her attention quickly, Ying’s mind already set to ‘he’s going to just blow me off and tell me no.’ But the curse seemed to have been broken with him.

"We're landing in three minutes. You're Valentia Wright, sister to Devlin Wright. Here's your card, and make sure you know that if anyone asks. There's a very short list of things for you to grab up while we're here, but I want you back at the ship at o'six hundred hours. Don't make any unnecessary scenes. We're landing in Minerva, and there might be trouble."

Ying nodded with her expression filled with confusion. Her fingers grasped the ID card from his grasp and continue to nod to his instruction. They were simple, blunt, and understandable as she repeated after him.

“Valentina Wright, Devlin Wright... o’six hundred hours, got it...”

There was amazement still written about her expression as she looked to the ID card with a smile, thinking it was great that he would let her go. He trusted her! Well too the extent that her little mind could make up. A smile grew on her lips, before realizing they were landing in three minutes.

“Ag I got to get dressed!”

Ying quickly hopped from her seat, her emotions back to the happy innocent child she once was before as she floated away to get dressed out of her nightgown. Only moments later she returned, gowned in her usual attire of a japanese Kimono, an exotic pattern of sky blue, with pink cherry blossoms and Sakura tree floating down the sleeves and bottom of the robe. Her hair let down, combed, though giving no difference to the style she had that morning, seeming to be the same look of perfection.

“So, what must I do for you Riddick while we’re on Minerva?”
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Alma post, eh? *giggles innocently*
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